3D Printed Air Gun and Paintball Gun Accessories for BSA Gamo Phox Air Guns

.22 BB MAG 14 Shot Magazine For BSA Gamo Phox Air Rifle Gun








It all started when I purchased a .22 Gamo Phox PCP air rifle, I love it.

Then I found Gamo made .22 lead balls, but they don't fit the standard 

BSA or Gamo pellet magazines, they fallout, and BB is not a size, its "Ball Bearing

I have been 3 d printing Airgun parts for years so know what works.
Yes! I could have done a 40 shot  mag, but that would be ridiculous and heavy.
So after 19 prototypes and 4/5 hours printing for each prototype and 
countless days, this is what I have found to be the best that works everytime.
The .22 BB MAG-
The .22 BB Mag uses .22 Gamo lead balls, 14 in total, it uses a simple
Cheap elastic as the spring which are easy to replace and 1 moving part.
that's it, it locks in place using magnets to hold the bottom locating block
And attaches to the BB mag so it does not move. it can be fired and refilled
Without removing it from the rifle using the handy screw top reloading cap.
you can refill it with 14 .22 lead balls faster than you can put 10 pellets 
into a standard mag. 
Each BB MAG takes 4/5 hours to print and clean up and test.
I can also accommodate the older BSA magazines that have a cut out 
on the bottom( mark 5 magazine) as this is the newer magazine.
And the colour will be black, the material is PLA.
Each BB mag is as it comes off the 3d printer and roughly cleaned up, 
so some variation may occur but will in no way affect the operation of the BB MAG.